Friday, August 20, 2010

18th Century - To War!

And so it is to war we go.  Here the forces of the Grand Duchy of Litharus muster for service in distant lands.  Proudly carrying their new standards the battalions and regiments march past their hereditary ruler, Grand Duke Alexander Orzepovski and the Grand Duchess Mara and assorted glitterati.
"Where are we going?"  "I hear to the west."  "Who are we fighting?"  "Does it matter?"  So go the muttered questions of the rank and file. 

As they march out of the fortified camp they begin to realize they are headed North, towards the coast. 

The heavy cavalry under General Orlov lead the way as befits their station on the battlefield.

The Dragoons and Horse Grenadiers await their turn as the Grenadiers lead the infantry column.  Hmmm, I wonder who that fellow is in the white outfit in the upper left?  Looks like he has a notepad....

They march with the blessing and exhortations of the clergy.

The pass in review stretches on and on, both in terms of distance and time.  Who has it worse, the marchers or the lines forced to stand in place?

But not all of God's creatures share the excitement.

Next up, to foreign lands!

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  1. You have some lovely troops, I am going to enjoy following your exploits. Fortunately, I only found this blog today, so have a lot to catch up on, I had better get cracking.