Monday, August 23, 2010

18th Century - Final Argument of Kings SYW game

Sunday, August 22nd three valiant players gathered for another game of Dean West's game system, Final Arugment of Kings.  The game in 15mm had 20 Prussian and Brunswick battalions (four grenadier, four fusilier, five musketeer, one jager, two freikorps and four Brunswicker), five cavalry and five batteries against 22 French and Austrian battalions (four Swiss, two German, ten French, three Austrian, one grenadier, one jager and one Croat), five cavalry and five batteries.  Bob and Todd commanded the latter while I directed the Prussians.  As you view the pictures you can enlarge them by clicking each one.

The Prussian plan called for a weighted right, headed by a grenadier brigade pushing forward.  A line brigade followed the grenadiers.  Another strong musketeer brigade was on their left.  Farther to the left were four of the five Prussian batteries and then the Brunswicker brigade in two lines.  The cavalry was massed on the left end of the line ready to engage, delay or pursue as the situation warranted. 

Looking down the line from the allied right, Prussian left.  The allies are spread more than the Prussians, looking for a double envelopment.  The Austrian infantry are the closest infantry with the Swiss on the far allied left.

To my surprise the allies advanced across the front as my three right hand brigades advanced and the fusilier brigade waited behind the guns.

Now looking from the Prussian right we see a deadly race between the Prussians in line and the Swiss in column attempting to get out and deploy.  Action will soon be general in the following turn.

On the Prussian left the advance of the Austrian infantry and cavalry had started a brief retrograde movement to get the space needed.  Now seemed to be the moment and four of the five regiments were launched forward, the second line supporting the first.  The French cavalry had not anticipated this and had to try and counter-charge.  Only one of three was successful in doing so.

The result not surprisingly was a debacle for the French. The Prussians won all the impacts and destroyed a French Cuirassier regiment in melee. The others were able to get out of follow-up range though most were in routed status.

The well ordered Austrians advance and engage the Brunswickers while looking to exploit the hole just vacated by the Prussian cavalry.

Now as the Swiss were falling back in confusion and rout, and the rest were generally engaged, the Prussian guns did a "First Fire" and then the fusilier brigade stepped off to engage the weakened French center.

The Swiss and French are much reduced on the Prussian left so things are looking good there.  On the Prussian right things are not so good looking despite the cavalry success.  How will it turn out?  Part Two soon.

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