Tuesday, August 24, 2010

18th Century - Battle of Upper Potsdorf, Part Two

In the last installment the Prussians were winning on their right and the Austrians had the initiative on the Prussian left. Now the conclusion.

Things rapidly reach a critical point with the Brunswickers.  Von Zastrow routs!  Imhoff falls back shaken and disordered.  Only the grenadier battalion and von Behr stand firm.  The Austrians continue to press with French support, but some are beginning to face about.  Why?

On the Prussian right the Swiss are stretched to the breaking point and the line/Freikorps brigade is coming into action with fresh muskets.

Desperate to buy time, the French charge in the center!  Picardie lives up to it's long tradition by routing Jagers caught in the open and bouncing back a line musketeer battalion despite grievous casualties.

Von Behr now has to endure full flank fire and risk being charged next turn.  But they hold their morale, this turn at least.  The crisis point has been reached since the grenadiers have been able to disengage and reform along with von Imhoff thanks to the bold demonstrations of the last Prussian Dragoon regiment that had remained behind during the successful charge that seemed so long ago.

Yes, "demonstrating."  They threaten the flank of the entire Austrian line.  A battalion refuses it's flank and dares the Dragoons to come forward.

The remnants of the French center put on a bold face, daring charge after charge to throw the Prussian Fusilier brigade into confusion as they are caught advancing.  Only luck has kept the situation from getting worse as the French win almost every impact roll.

Now we see the cause for the Austrian facing about as the Prussian cavalry, victorious but scattered has finally reformed just as some of the routed French cavalry was making motions to return.

A last desperate charge by the Austrians is blunted by the bold Brunswickers.  Although a pair of Prussian batteries were routed or run off, the situation is no longer in crisis.

The French Dragoons are over-matched by the Prussian cavalry and run off in total rout.  Nothing can stop the other Prussian cavalry from swinging around behind the allied army.  Already the French are beginning to withdraw and the Swiss to seek new employers.  Only the stubborn Austrians refuse to retreat, though the chorus of blame on the French had begun in earnest.

Although the Prussians prevailed, it was a fiercely contested engagement.  Despite given up and early advantage to the Prussians by being caught unprepared for the swift advance of the improved Prussians, they rallied to put the issue into serious doubt for most of the game.  The allied reliance on charging, compared to the Prussian use of the musket sharply contrasted the different styles and national characteristics.  Even in defeat Bob and Todd report a thoroughly good time as did the host and reporter, me.

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  1. Well-played. Congratulations to all concerned. Michael, your blog commences with two very good photo stories.

    This kind of activity somehow brings a kind of what for the toy soldiers and us surely? Existence? Continuity? A Past? Hard to say exactly without being overstated. Naturally there are the positives of pleasant diversions and naturally the satisfaction of crafting something. Some are satisfied building furniture or gardening.

    Oh dear. A tedious contemplative digression. Let me end with bravos and applause. An encore too!