Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Litharus - Pass in Review

Inspired by other folks blogs I decided to have Litharus' Grand Duke Alexander Orzepovski conduct a grand review of the army, even if technically some are in distant lands fighting for others against the oppression of Latveria.  <grin>  See other posts regarding our Imagi-Nation mini campaign.

The army and beginnings of a navy bear a remarkable resemblance to the Russian army of the 18th century.  Truly remarkable.  Like most it started with, "I'll just do a brigade of infantry."  Then being adept at finding deals I kept getting more figures, which necessitated getting even more so they could be full-strength BAR (Batailles de l'Ancien Regime) units.  Now we have twelve infantry and twelve cavalry units with accompanying artillery and auxiliary units.  Flags are largely my own creation based on a theme and incorporating the city coat of arms that represents the unit recruiting center.

The "Big Picture"

The light brigade, with the Dainava Forest Jagers,
Babryusk Pandours, and Cossack mounted and foot.
 The lights have been an effective part of the Litharusian army.  At one point one of the Cossack squadrons had earned elite status, but an unfortunate turn of events at the Battle of Alten meant they had to be rebuilt and lost their elite rating.

Led by the redoubtable Taras Shevchenko.

The heavy brigade with, front to back, the Vilnius and Minsk
grenadiers, followed by the Leib Guard and Grenadier Guards.
Usually commanded by General Anatol Gogol.

A flag tip 'o the three cornered hat to Lithuania and Belarus.

The Grand Duke and Duchess Mara Orzepovski greet army
commander General Arkady Grigorovich Ouromov.

Honors rendered.  Just in the picture is Count Lippe of the
diplomatic corps.

A brigade composed of garrison battalions Grodno and Mogilev,
followed by Electrenai and Varena line units.  Headed up by
General Georgi Koskov.

Here we see the heavy battery, Memel Pioneers, and the line
units from Virbalis, Jonava and Ariogala.  

The invaluable pioneers, essential for bridging and siege
operations.  Colonel Feyador directs them.

Our heavy cavalry brigade under General Orlov.  In the foreground
the Pinsk Cuirassiers, followed by the Lenkin Cuirassiers, Palanga
Dragoons and Brest Horse Grenadiers.

An army doesn't run without help, so we have maintenance and
supply resources.

A blacksmith shop.

Cannon gin for remounting and repairs.  One of two mortars in
the upper right.

We are experts at raising field works.  Chief of Artillery Colonel
Kronsteen keeps them sharp.

Even the [named-as-needed] militia turned out.

The mighty Inceptum.

The galliot Vindicare, first craft in the navy.

And so we come to the end.  Various other river and coastal craft are available as we are unwilling for the time being to commit to a deep water navy.  No further expansion of the infantry or supporting foot are planned, though the lure of dashing hussars are ever present.  So who knows?


  1. A wonderful tabletop force!

    Best Regards,


  2. Prodigious. Gen. Gogol - vat a goodt name. I guess he might be a relative of the Gen. Gogol who two centuries later caused mischief for 007. A standing ovation and bravos from Gallia. Hopefully we'll see them at Tundra Con. 2018.
    Bill P.

  3. Excellent, wonderful, dreamy and they can fight!

  4. A very impressive set up, thanks for showing them. You should treat yourself to those hussars - every army needs some!

    1. I'm sure that at some point I'll weaken and do a couple of squadrons.

  5. Beautiful and colorful paint jobs!

  6. Some of the very finest painting I've seen since I started mini's gaming, back around 1993. Some of the finest eye-candy, all around, that I've seen. Superb! Thanks for posting, Mike. Cheers!