Thursday, June 1, 2017

Battle of the Bridges - Part II

At the end of the last session a lucky dragoon charge had routed an enemy battalion and found themselves surrounded on all sides by the enemy.  In BAR the draw of a card indicates which side moves first and after everyone has moved, more cards determine firing.  We were operating in brigades for drawing cards.  As we resumed the first card was...... Red!  For Litharus.

The Palanga Dragoons ride disordered into the flank of the enemy.

Elsewhere the Vilnius Grenadiers continue dealing out destruction.

Oops.  Despite having every advantage the dragoons lost, and
routed which after discussion we decided it meant surrender.

With the lucky result the Latverians line the river, daring us to cross.

The Latverian view of the table.

The heroic militia finally rout as Litharusian battalions mass to
force a crossing.  But...

The constriction of the town and enemy proximity limits
deployment options.

The Rondovian battalions suffer as in draw after draw the
Latverians get first fire.  But they hold, for now.

This will take a while and must be properly prepped.

At this point the Latverians had three full battalions and a half battalion that had routed away, along with the gun destroyed.  Although the allies had taken a lot of casualties, nothing had routed and stayed that way.  Given the campaign setting, the Latverian high command came to a reluctant decision.

The Latverian infantry begins to back off as the cavalry redeploys.

Some relief for the brave Rondovians as the range opens.

But finally one battalion could stand it no more and routed on
the last turn played.

In the end the combined Litharusian and Rondovian forces controlled all four bridges as desired.  The invaders would not penetrate farther into Rondovia here.  Not counting routers the attackers suffered more casualties than the defenders, mostly among the Rondovians and grenadiers.  The Vilnius Grenadiers in particular distinguished themselves with firing.  Heavily wounded Latverians fell into the hands of the allies during the retreat, who will give them all due care.  Later an exchange will likely be worked out for the captured cavalry.

Now all wait with bated breath to learn of the Latverian assault at Cressey.  Would this victory be for naught?  


  1. Lovely to see and well done!,
    Cheers and bravos,
    Bill P.

  2. A very creditable refight of this battle. Fascinating to see such an eclectic mix of Imagi-nation units.

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