Saturday, May 27, 2017

Scuttled on the Skaggerak

The battle lines were drawn as the dreadnoughts converged on each other.  On one side, approaching from the west, came HMS Warspite, Barham, Malaya, Valiant, Revenge and Iron Duke.  Opposing them were SMS Baden, Bayern, Konig, Grosser Kurfurst, Kronprinz Wilhelm and Markgraf.

Rules are Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts.  Optional rules in play are "Crossing the T" and "Cordite Flash."  The former gives the shooter extra chance of penetrating the armor and the latter makes the British (only) roll to see if they blow up when they take a main turret critical hit.  The game was a play-test of a planned convention game.

The Hochseeflotte approaches.

From the west in three columns are the British.

Warspite and Barham draw first blood while the Markgraf and
Kronprinz Wilhelm are still out of range.

The signal from Warspite to "Form line of battle to the north"
seemed to cause confusion.

However, the pummeling continued.

Attempts to form up continued to fail, so we just went independent.

HMS Malaya and Revenge begin to take a lot of hits from the
Baden and Bayern.
 Suddenly everyone had blink and cover their eyes as the Bayern disappeared in a massive explosion.  So swift was the result and disappearance of the ship that no record exists.

Ships were commonly double-upped on for firing.  Splash markers
indicate targeting.
 SMS Markgraf and Kronprinz Wilhelm succumbed to repeated hits and raging flooding.  The Valiant disappeared in a cordite explosion.  HMS Revenge sank after receiving seven critical hits at once.  SMS Grosser Kurfurst went down as the Iron Duke limped away with severe flooding.

Death ride of SMS Baden and Konig.
Torpedoes began to fly and secondary batteries went into overdrive as the ranges dropped.  A severe list on the Baden kept her from firing torpedoes and both the Baden and Konig went down in a blaze of glory.  However, the celebrating British still had to deal with damage control issues.  As the Iron Duke crept away from the battle scene her list increased till she turned turtle and was lost.  On the Warspite fires increased till the cheering German survivors in the water watched he go down.

So while the Admiralty will not be pleased with the loss of so many fine ships, the Kaiser will be even less pleased that his splendid ships will not be returning to Kiel.  In the real world, the game was completed in just under three hours, so a perfect convention game.

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