Thursday, March 23, 2017

Introducing battalion ???

At What-Khan back in October I picked up a box of Spencer plastic 18th century figures for a song.  All were in varying degrees of painted/flaking but I was pleased.  Having gotten started decades ago with "The Wargame" and similar old school games, they hit a nostalgia note.  Deciding to add a unit for my Imagi-Nation collection I found a group that were painted similarly and added enough others to form a 30 figure unit.

Next the decision of how to paint them.  Do I go with my modern methods or continue in the old school style they were already painted?  After much thought, helped along by an unexpected health crisis and being laid up for a long time, I decided on old school.  So yes, I can and do paint faces and such, but just thought to make it look like when I started out so long ago.

Still mounted on one pence coins.

So why the question marks in the title?  Well since they aren't based on an actual unit they need to be named.  I'm thinking they will most often serve with my Frenchish forces but that isn't locked in stone.  So suggestions are welcome.  I just need to identify them before they take the field the first time.  Now, what to do with the other 275+ figures?

Next up, I wanted to share a commission vignette I did.  Apparently the Ottomans had a regimental cook pot that had importance, so although it has no combat value in our games, it is important to have and keep it.

No sure what it doing with my camera, I usually get much crisper shots.  But there you go, "proof" I can paint in a modern style.

Thanks for looking.