Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SYW with Final Argument of Kings

In the aftermath of the local blizzard (which was vastly over-rated), three of us managed to get together for a Final Argument of Kings game.  The person bringing the Prussians didn't make it so we adjusted sides and nationalities to continue.

We had twelve Russian battalions, three batteries and four decent cavalry regiments against ten French battalions, six batteries and four dubious cavalry regiments.  Final Argument of Kings has an optional Grand Tactical movement which I decided to use as the referee.  A dice-off allowed the Russians to get two large moves before the French received a reaction move.  Intended to allow for things like Leuthen in a practical manner it gave the Russians the chance to pick their point of attack.

Second Russian grand tac movement.

Looking the length of the table after the French reaction move.

French hussars and dragoons move to intercept cuirassiers.

The French position is strong with batteries well placed and
grenadiers in the foreground.

A Russian charge by grenadiers penetrates deep, but is without support.

The French cavalry have been dispersed but the batteries remain.

Seeing the Russians weakened the French charge successfully
but end in disorder.

It looks like the cuirassiers will charge grenadiers, but lose their nerve.

The Russian cavalry retires, some damaged and some disordered.

The battle swings two and fro as the French guns run low on ammo.

Russian horse grenadiers are in a good position, but initially are
out of command.  Elsewhere most are shaken and disordered.

The remaining French cavalry expends itself against fresh infantry
on the other flank.
Given the destruction of the French cavalry the Russians were able to withdraw unhindered.  Four Russian battalions had routed and half of the remainder were damaged and disordered.  On the French side they had only lost one infantry battalion but all their cavalry.  So it seemed reasonable to rule that the Russians could back out covered by their cavalry.

It has been a while since we enjoyed a Final Argument of Kings game so we were a little rusty, hence my role as referee.  However we still played around 10 turns in three hours of actual play.  Good times.

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