Sunday, November 6, 2016

New SYW Additions

For a long while I fought the urge to add nationalities to my "big battalions" collection.  I would ask myself, "What do I need with another nationality?"  Well sometimes my bargain hound nature gets the better of me.  Hence the units below.

First came four squadrons of painted Austrian cavalry.  Two each of hussars and cuirassiers.  I believe I've shown them before.  So a solid 48 mounted figures.  Next up the infantry and artillery.

This is Loudon's Grün Frei Korps.  Early on it was observed that the Grenzers in the Austrian army did better when they had formed troops in support.  So he was given permission to raise the corps, styling them "grenadiers" even though they didn't have that status.  Perhaps someday I'll add a stand in bearskins.  Evidence is contradictory whether they wore them.  I enjoyed painting these in something other than Austrian white.

I gave the unit a flag even though there is no evidence they carried one.  I had a nice one on hand and flags are, well, cool.

I cruise eBay almost daily seeking bargains.  This gun crew and cannon was an experimental auction listing that had no interest save from me.  So even with shipping from China it was a steal.

Along with the cavalry I had gotten a Grenzer unit that just needed basing and a few needing painting.  So here is the Karlstadter Oguliner Grenz.  Eventually they will be raised to a full 60 figure unit.  

So we need some extra hard fighting troops and a mess of painted grenadiers came with my bargain lot.  They came individually mounted so I made movement trays with double-sided tape.  For now it will do.  Yes, I know they shouldn't have flags but they came with them and like I said, flags are cool.

Finally, a Bartertown trade gave me another 65 Grenzers for just 20 painted sailors, so my brigade will be complete in time.  Not to hold the center of the line, but to annoy the enemy on a flank or operate as an advanced guard.

So in the full goodness of time I'll have brigades of Austrians, French and British, with multiple brigade "armies" of Prussians and Russians.  Between our Imagi-Nation campaigns and the regular BAR (Batailles de Ancien Regime) games in Brown Deer I'm sure they will all eventually get good use.  Or, I'm open to reasonable offers.


  1. Congratulations for you acquisitions Michael.

  2. Very nice minis, in particular the Austrian officers - quite impressive and very original.