Sunday, October 16, 2016


Flames of War training game with Moroccan Goumiers and American support against an Aufklarungs company of the Herman Goring Luftpanzer division.  The mission was a "fair fight" with each side starting with half their platoons in opposite quarters and delayed reserves coming in.

For my part I chose a Goum platoon with MG attachments, US 105mm artillery, and a platoon of M4 Shermans.  The Germans had a panzer grenadier platoon in halftrack, 105mm artillery, 3 StuG III assault guns and a pair of Hornisse tank destroyers.  Both sides had limited air support.  Click on the pictures to "big up."

First turn move, looking towards my objective in the distance.

View from the German quadrant before movement.
A pattern quickly developed.  I always rolled for air support till I got down to one dice, while the Germans never got air support till they got down to two dice.  Though they did manage to intercept one of my attacks.  Air power killed two StuGs and the third ran away.  The panzer grenadiers and Goums exchanged failed assaults and the former crept towards their objective.  Reserves would be critical (as they should be).

Big firefight on the hill on the left, while burners litter the field.

Shermans demonstrate their burner nickname, though they
passed their motivation test.

My surviving Goums dig in around and between the German

Both sides receive reserves.  In my case Goum infantry and US
tank destroyers.  Only the 105s and a single Hornisse defend the
objective at a distance.

The Luftwaffe finally shows up but can't do enough damage.

The US TDs teleport in and with the surviving mobile Sherman
grab the objective in the top of the turn.

In the bottom of the turn the Germans with fresh Panzergrenadiers
eliminate my defenders and seize their objective.

But fail to contest or evict me, so Allied victory.
At first we weren't sure who won, but after considering that they had their half turn to evict me and I still hadn't, the game was over.  Had the Luftwaffe played a bigger part the game that was already a nail-biter could have been even closer or gone the other way.  Fearless-Trained is a little tricky in late-war games with all the firepower available but the challenge is fun. 

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