Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another Tale of Two Battles

On Labor Day we got together for some Flames of War before enjoying a barbeque under the dining fly in the back yard.  Participants were "instructed" to bring a 1900 point force for each side if they had armies and we'd switch tables and opponents.  All lists were to made up using either "Road to Rome" or "Fortress Italy" sourcebooks.  The tables and missions, though not OBs, were taken from "Battles for Italy."

Goums defend at night vs. Panzer-grenadiers.

British attack dug in Falschirmjagers.

Objectives were placed per the scenario.  Bummer for me.

Looks promising for the New Zealanders.

A night game and we rolled very poorly for sighting.  Dan took
advantage of it, as he should.

US tank destroyers killed two Panthers but we failed the "tank
terror" test to assault and so the game ended.

Meanwhile Bob was finding the Panzerfaust armed Germans tough.
After German wins on both tables we switched off.  I shelved the Goums and pulled out a Herman Goring Division Aufklarungs company to face Bob's Commonwealth forces.  Todd took his victorious Germans over to face a new group of Brits.

HG Halftracks roll.

Falschirmjagers attacking into a meat grinder.

Even firing over open sights the artillery couldn't stop us from
seizing both objectives.  Game over.

So as a warm-up for an October tournament, the games were short and brutal.  Following was a BBQ of assorted meats, corn on the cob, cole slaw and medicinal beverages.  A great way to enjoy a national holiday and spend time with friends.

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