Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 goodbye, hello 2015

Haven't posted much lately.  Not that there haven't been games.  They just weren't particularly memorable or they were playtests for our mini-con coming up.  I've done a lot of painting in December, finally hitting my yearly goal of averaging 3 figures a day.

Then there was some heart-wrenching news yesterday.

So some pics from recent games.
 "Surrounded" mission in Flames of War.  British and Americans attacking, Germans in the middle.
 We ended up having an interesting town fight as I tested the value of a sniper.  Useful in this game, pinning the Germans before being assaulted.

Don't seem to have any pictures of the Dutch Harbor playtest.  Guess you will have to come to the Con to see it!

 Epic Armageddon (I think) in micro scale.  Space Marines [Oo-Rah!] vs. Space Elves.
 Some escapee from an Anime film with oodles of firepower.  Some skimmers as escort.
 Drop pods brought in more Marines, but they were slaughtered.  Not my cup of tea, but kind of interesting.

Then the event that really ripped at me.  I learned through Facebook that a valued friend had lost his battle with cancer.  The black beast has claimed another.  Steve Allie, the officer on the right, had been sending out encouraging messages and planned to be at the 200th anniversary event in New Orleans.  Then he was gone.  The reenacting world will never be quite the same.  RIP Captain.

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  1. I knew Steve when he was at the Frontier Army Museum in Leavenworth Kansas. He was a fine gentleman, first rate wargamer, accomplished historian and of course an reenactor to the Nth degree. I was happy for him when took the post at the Infantry museum. The world is a lessor place for is passing.

    Dan Groves,
    Hatsoff Wargame Club--Kansas City