Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prussian and Austrian Dogfight

Following the bloody draw against the Russians, the Prussians under Frederick himself turned on the Austrians.  The latter were eager to show the prowess of their newly raised regiments and accepted battle.  Twenty Prussian battalions of grenadiers (4), fusiliers (4), musketeers (8), and Frei Korps (6), with nine Hessian and Brunswick battalions engaged the Austrians.  The Kaiserliches under Browne fielded thirty battalions of grenadiers, musketeers, jagers, pandours and Croats.  The Prussians had eight fine regiments of cuirassiers, four of dragoons, two hussar and a Frei Korps cavalry unit.  The Austrians had fewer, with only four cuirassiers, two dragoon and four hussar regiments.  Guns were about equal.

Prussian center with four infantry brigades facing the Austrians.

The Prussian left with Hessians and Brunswickers and a fine mass of heavy horse.

Looking down table at the start.
The terrain favored the Austrians but they gallantly came down off the ridge to meet the Prussians in open ground.  The Prussians were happy not to have to shoot uphill like in the Russian engagement.
Grand tactical movement in Final Argument of Kings let the Prussians close.

Grand tac is intended to allow Leuthen type maneuvers to occur.

On the right the "lesser" Prussian cavalry advances against a smaller force.
As the Austrian line advanced their brigades split left and right, to unmask a pair of cuirassier regiments looking to ride down the Prussian center.  Unfortunately for them, they were opposed by grenadiers who emptied many saddles.
The Prussian advance is stopped till the cavalry situation is resolved.
On the right the cavalry swung wide, giving their smaller opponents no real chance to stand, lest they be out-flanked.  Frei Korps bravely(?) advanced through the woods towards town.
Fields are largely cosmetic with no impact on movement.
A savage series of firefights broke out in the center with a slight edge going to the Prussians.  This is a fine army the Austrians fielded and in many places their grenadiers led the assault.
Yellow pipe cleaners indicate shaken status.  Ammo chests are remaining cannon ammo. 
A brigadier lies fallen.
To left of center the Brunswickers add their weight to the fray, pressuring the Austrians even more.  Both sides have infantry brigades unengaged, sitting in the wrong place.
Austrian dragoons attempt to stem the tide.

The Prussian cavalry on the left has mixed results despite a quality edge.

The Austrians are getting thin in the center.  Prussian grenadiers
have broken through in places.
The Ramin grenadier battalion had a very strong day.  They took an Austrian flag and repelled repeated charges by the enemy cuirassiers.  Frederick was so pleased he might even say so.
The right flank maneuvering continues as the Austrians occupy the village.
On the left the Prussian allies sought to unhinge the Austrian position by taking the village on that flank.  Apparently no one told either side to avoid taking formed troops into built up areas.  The Prussian cavalry finally began to gain the advantage on this flank.

The Frei Korps gamely advance.  Cautiously, as they should.

Some Austrian infantry moves to the center, allowing the cavalry to really press the Austrians.
The original Austrian center suddenly gave way.  The battered Prussian first line gave way to the fresh second line of infantry to press on.  Though some new Austrians had arrived they were still out-numbered.
Some Austrian clumps remain, with a new line behind.

Prussian hussars begin to creep up, seeking a spot to exploit.
On the left the Prussian cavalry managed to throw back their opponents and even hit one in the back.  The Austrian resistance had been fierce but numbers finally told. 
Cuirassiers triumphant over their lighter foes.
And so, with the front crumbling on the (Prussian) left and center, Marshal Browne called for a break-off across the front.  The skies were darkening and the smell of moisture was in the air.  Would the rains and darkness come to save the Austrian army?

Rules as usual were Final Argument of Kings by Dean West with 2nd edition modifications.  Four hours of actual play with six players brought the conclusion home.  Perhaps next time Frederick will seek out the French. 

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