Thursday, September 4, 2014

Empires Made and/or Broken

Raevski's VII Corps and Tuchkov's III Corps with cavalry support under Bagration from 1812 are arrayed against Vandamme's 1815 corps with additional attachments including Guard cavalry.  Both sides were expected to attack at least somewhere.

The first hourly round saw both sides have elements that failed to activate their orders despite the first round modifier.  That didn't keep us from locking horns however in strong action.  For the Russians from left to right the grenadier division went into action with Cossack flank support.  The line infantry and cavalry decided to sit out the first hour.  Raevski got all his formations moving.  The line division heavily engaged with a Russian grand battery hitting the French flank and a line division and cavalry following their orders and hitting empty air. 

The Russian left

Russian grand battery and right

Deadly combat on the left

Hammer blow follows blow on the left

The counter-attack begins

On the right the French cavalry is gone and the French are just hanging on

Piling on the pressure on the Russian right

 After three "hours" of combat the French threw in the towel.  Totally blunted on the Russian left and losing on the right they failed their personal morale test.  Both sides had uncommitted reserves, but having thrown their best shot and missed, it was a natural result.  The amazing thing was that the Russians had the tactical initiative every hour.

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