Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Battle of Pirna (redux)

The loose confederation of SYW and Imagi-nation players restarted the Seven Years War in Brown Deer, WI using Batailles de Ancien Regime (or BAR) at 20:1 figure ratio rather than the "big battalion" look of our usual 10:1 games.

An excellent account of the battle can be found at Der Alte Fritz's blog here:  So I won't recount the tale of battle, just share my photo ops.

As one of two Prussian players that went at it hammer and tongs against the Austrians and Saxons in the right half of the field, most of my images deal with that sector.  Suffice that we had a good back and forth action with notable and disappointing notes for both sides.

To the pics...
Prussian right-center looking towards the middle.

Table-eye view.

Croats in the woods!
The makings of a massive cavalry scrum.

Flanking fire received.

Mash up in the center.

Troops shift to the open left.

The clash of sabres.

Odds starting to look long.

My brigade deploys from open columns of divisions.

Just in time as the cavalry melee resolves against us.

The Saxons are on the back table!

Our left-center advance looks unstoppable.

A "rare" attack column.

Austrian cavalry runs rampant, Prussians square up.

Croats in the woods...

Can the Prussians be stopped?

Another view of the "rare" attack column. 
So it came to pass that those with the grand view decided the day was lost and the withdraw order was given.  Things were pretty thin for both sides on our end of the table.  The order of cards drawn or a lucky or unlucky stretch with the dice could decide it.  A skillful delaying action coupled with effective use of lights were probably more important than the pitched firefights and melees.

The Seven Years War has now gotten off on a different footing than the historic.  Next stop, battle in Westphlia!



  1. Nice looking battle, beautiful troops and terrain!

  2. Thank you for posting your images Michael!