Friday, December 20, 2013

Flaming Empire of War Along the Mohawk Action - Pt. II

As action rejoined anew, the French continued their pressure across the front.  On the right Mermet's Division was embroiled with Russians in line backed by the Guards, while Marchand's Division moved to get closed with the other Russians.  The only reserve, Loison's division of somewhat questionable troops advanced to block the Austrian advance on the French right.  Massena's corps on the French left continued to follow their orders to advance upon, turn the flank, and destroy the Austrians.

As we resume play, forcing back some battalions via a firefight

Loison's Division advances to secure the right flank
Though there were a lot of small Dragoon regiments on this flank, they could do little against the closed columns adopted by the Austrians.

Lotsa Austrians, call up the reserves!

Turning to face the new Austrian threat

Finally coming to grips with the Russians

Forced back by firefights battalions mingle causing disorder
 All day long a series of firefights rocked things back and forth with no one gaining a permanent edge.  But the critical thing was that the Russian battalions could not absorb the same casualties as the larger French battalions.  Soon holes would open up.

A cuirassier division is committed

Loison's Division deploys to receive an Austrian corps that never gets there

They bend, but will they break?
 At the end of one hourly round the Russian heavy batteries on the ridge had limbered and moved to flank Mermet's Division.  This forced Napoleon to commit his last reserve on table, cuirassiers to scatter the gunners and give Mermet time to finish the job.

Despite rolling a -3 modifier on the tactical initiative dice-off the Austrians gallantly rolled a -2 and with the extra French pluses they held the first move two of three hours.  Citoyan Marchand was reminded that Russian horse artillery batteries are elite when one of his veteran battalions charged home and was routed off for his pains.

Arrival of French heavies force some Austrians in square

'ey youse guys, sumptin' about a bridge ta build?  No?
I like my battlefield clutter and have an assortment of wagons, caissons and ambulances painted up.

The 6eme Legere pushes deep into Russian lines

Having run off guns, the heavies now face the Russian Guards

Russian remnants forced back to the table edge

French continue to press, a mixed up fight ensues

The big picture looking from the Russian lines south
 As we completed an hourly round it was time to do ME (maneuver element) determination.  We discovered that one huge Russian division was now down to six of twenty-one elements, thirteen of which had been lost the preceding hour.  Needless to say, they routed.  The division next to it, facing Mermet, promptly rolled a "13" giving us:

Final position of Dohkorov's Corps <grin>
Sorry Paul.  So the Archduke Charles called for a total withdrawal from the field and the game ended.  The Russian guards were untouched and going to reclaim their guns, but with the gaping hole in the center there was little they could do.  In hindsight, had this been a campaign game, fine.  But since it was "for fun" and learning we didn't end up with a very balanced game.  Too many additions and subtractions of troops before and during the game sessions.  We will try to exert a bit more control in the pre-game planning next time.  Our next Empire game will be in January and will sample the weather of the Iberian Peninsula.


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  1. Excellent stuff as ever. Looking forward to the Peninsula game in January.