Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ring around a Nazgul...

As a radical departure from our normal stoic historic gaming the group undertook to pull out my old fantasy figures and try a Lord of the Rings scenario. 

Forces of Gondor, led by their future king Aragorn are coming to the relief of a detachment penned up in a tower, unable to light their signal fire to alert Rohan of their need.  Against them was a force Orcs (no matter what the figure looks like), accompanied by a few Warg riders (from another world).  At their head was a dread ringwraith.  So vile that his name was only whispered... Fred.

The forces of Good had twelve turns to get to the fire stack and light it.  Evil needed only deny them.

"Good" deploys and rushes to rescue the tower and start a fire.

Warg riders move through the woods.

Orc hordes pushed forward by Fred.

The prize is in sight.

Archers pick off some of the wolves.

Clashing across the front.
View from the other side.  The struggle intensifies.

Pikes push all but the numbers are beginning to tell.

Aragorn is surrounded and "transfixed" but survives!

Superior numbers are slowly winning over superior armor.

A lonely end for a warrior of Gondor.

Aragorn plunges in but can't beat the numbers.
At the end on the ground, there were but three Gondor warriors and a badly wounded Aragorn (2 of 3 hits taken).  The Nazgul was out of spells but lived(?) along with 2 Wargs and 11 Orcs. The archers in the tower were not allowed to sally forth.

A fun time given the years that have lapsed since last any of us played.  I suspect more games will be in the future.


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  1. The warg riders take me back (old Citadel and Marauder?). Very cinematic. Looking forward to the next one (and more Empire please!!).