Thursday, January 10, 2013

Italians vs. Russians 1942

While pondering what to do last Sunday for a simple game, having gotten through the mega-SYW game over the New Years weekend, it was suggested we do a Flames of War game set on the Eastern Front with my Italians.  I agreed but found that I couldn't field the suggested 2000 point "army" using the appropriate Italian lists.  So I ended up using the 1942 list from North Africa; an armored car squadron.

The scenario randomly rolled was a "Hasty Attack" by the Italians.  Half our troops were off table in reserve and the Soviets placed a T-34 company in "Immediate Ambush."  Both sides started with their on board platoons dug in and emplaced.

Firepower heavy platoon looking towards the Russian position

Our only tank killer

Our 88mm gun we got from the Germans popped a T-34 on our first turn.  It's only success of the day, though the intimidation factor was significant throughout. 

Air power would only claim one victim for each side

After learning even from they flank we can't hurt them, they ignore us

Both sides had limited air support and each side scored some hits with them, though they were generally a disappointment.  The Soviet ambush element attempted to sweep around the left and get at the objective held by entrenched Bersagliari.  Our tanks and anti-tank guns couldn't hurt the T-34s frontally so a dance ensued.  If I had known going in how strong the side armor was I might not have bothered. 

However, these guys burn nicely


As the Italian self-propelled guns (which could hurt a T-34) and mass of armored cars, light tanks and portee mounted AA came on table, the Soviets got lots of conscript infantry.  While the flanking T-34s wiped out some so-called tanks, the armored cars and AA trucks went to chew up infantry.  All the while the T-34s guarding an Italian objective where getting attacked on both flanks and frontally.

Just before the decisive turn, ready to rush them.

About turn six the Italians rushed the objective and laid smoke as a very lucky round of fire from the Semoventes scored well.  Smoked and limited by the silly "Hen and Chicks" rule the game was decided by their artificial victory conditions.  Game over.  I guess the idea is to produce quick results and we were done mid afternoon.  This coming weekend we are doing an even bigger game at a game shop.  Hopefully it won't feel so strange.  <grin>


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