Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paper Boats

I have often in the past sung the praises of the Dave Graffam paper building models.  blog post  Now, in an effort to increase my water-borne options I assembled his Patrol Boat.  As with most of the PDF products, you have a choice of "layers" to vary things up.  I've scratch-built several small craft and longboats before blog entry but this promised to be easier.  So, below you can see my efforts, mixed in with some 25/28mm figures by assorted manufacturers.  By scaling the printing you can make them much smaller.  I used foam core board for the deck, but just common cardboard like you would find on the back of a pad of paper for the rest.  It came with a square mast that you could form but I preferred the dowel and base so it would be removed as needed.  The crate pictured below is one of three that come with the PDF.

Comments or suggestions welcomed, click the pictures to enlarge please.

Approaching shore where smugglers await

More emerge from below-decks

A scratch-built longboat on the right

I like the details and dingy sail
Keep an eye on your purse here


  1. The link to the Dave Graffam post goes to a page telling me that I "don't have access" to that page.

    Did you mistakenly link to a page via your "administrator" persona so that only members of your blog can access it?

    The ship looks good and I'd like read more about Graffam's models.

    -- Jeff

  2. Ummmm... I went to my list of posts and found the old entries I wanted to link to. So... maybe? This is a direct link to the website where I bought the PDFs.
    Hope that works better.

  3. Michael, what I am more interested in is your comments on the models (I already had his website bookmarked).

    So please let me know the date of your blog post and I can look it up via the archives.

    -- Jeff