Friday, July 20, 2012

Grodno Garrison Battalion

The Grand Duchy of Litharus announces the addition of a new garrison battalion.  The city of Grodno and its environs are responsible for recruitment and training.  The battalion of 540 men (54 figures) features eight musketeer and one grenadier company.  Like it's sister battalion, they do not currently sport standards.  When the Grand Duke Alexander Orzepowski was asked for the honor of carrying colors he replied, "Earn them."  So for now their poles are bare, but opportunity exists to earn the honor as tomorrow we face our foes from Germania in honorable combat.  At least on our part.

Figures by Wargames Factory with an experimental (for me) attempt as a primer and mostly ink paint job.  I'm fairly pleased with the result though more practice is required.  Hopefully they fare well tomorrow.  Flanged movement trays and magnetized plastic bases and by Shogun Miniatures. 

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