Thursday, May 17, 2012


All of Litharus celebrates, for word has come by courier that our much honored Germanic friend and neighbor the old Blue Bear of Saxe-Bearstein has returned to his palace.  Our own Grand Duke and Duchess Alexander and Mara Orzepovski has declared a week of joy and merriment across the land.
Throughout the country people have pulled out their own version of finery for food, dance and general merriment.
To the surprise of all, and dismay of his financier, the Grand Duke has declared a month of no taxes so his people may enjoy the fruits of their labors and rejoice.
From the castle at Trakai,
To the ruins of Ruzhany,
People laugh, eat and enjoy the celebration of life renewed.
Well, maybe not everyone is happy about the partying.

Swift and speedy recovery Jeff!


  1. I thank you sincerely for your creative and delightful "welcome back", sir.

    I am humbled . . . and quite appreciative as well.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nicely done Michael,