Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New stuff!

For a change of pace I thought I'd show off some newly painted toys.  There is a big North Africa game pending where the Italians, all by themselves, are one victory away from Alexandria!  Il Duce shouldn't book his plane tickets yet though, as the Australians have arrived.

Anyway, here is a trio of Battlefront M13/40 tanks.  I was pleased with the finished product and especially the ease with which they painted up.  Click to enlarge the pictures.

First I primed them in Rust-Oleum American Accents "Soft Wheat."  Then I painted the treads, always a tough call for me what coloration to use, and then I applied the (in)famous dip.  A mix of Future Floor Wax and Duncan Decorator Acrylics paints "Espresso."  I don't concern myself with a mix ratio, I just go until I get the consistency and color I want.  Liberally applied with a cheap and disposable brush, about the only thing I did was to brush over collection points repeatedly as it dried so as not to get big brown blotches.  Decals were applied to the turrets before dipping.  Durable and rugged looking.  I don't dip a lot of my stuff, but WWII items seem to lend themselves to it.

Next up some SYW Austrian guns and gunners.  The gunners are 15mm Essex and the guns, IIRC are Battle Honours.  The guns are actually Napoleonic era but since I don't have Austrian Napoleonics anymore, they volunteered for duty.  These were primed black and have the paint layered on.  I don't strive for museum pieces, just ones that look good are arms reach.  These will supplement my modest (for the time being) collection of Austro-Hungarian infantry and cavalry.

Last up some WWII era ships.  The ships themselves are fairly unremarkable.  Panzerschiffe models painted according to what information I could find, but the bases are a new touch for me.  After gluing the model to the base I took a glob of SidingPro Acrylic Sealant (comes in colors) and with a toothpick applied the crests and waves.  Just get some on the toothpick and dab the length of the toothpick onto the base, rather than the tip.  The dabbing effect tends to leave a raised edge or crest to each wave.  I think paint them a blue appropriate to the theatre (I treat Mediterranean differently than North Sea) and then dry-brush highlights with Delta Ceramcoat Light Ivory.  I've been pleased with the effect, hopefully you will be too.
Fubuki class destroyers.

Japanese light cruiser.

WWI Austro-Hungarian dreadnought.

Good night and good painting.

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