Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn in Litharus

As the first snowfalls occur, Litharus can look back on the year with some satisfaction.  The rule of Grand Duke Orzepovski has been relative benign and the harvest was good.  Only recently the people gathered to celebrate the autumnal equinox and harvest festival, Dozinkyoi with the traditional burning of a wood and straw structure throughout the land.

For now the people feast on the diet of bread, potatoes, cabbage, pork and mushrooms.  War and the disastrous attempt on the East Prussian city of Colburg are largely forgotten and few know of the major efforts of the diplomatic corps lead by Count Lippe.  Many invaders have crossed the borders over the centuries.  Swedes, Poles, Danes, Russians and Cossacks from the Ukraine; but for now Litharus stands independent.  Many centuries since the Teutonic Knights were invited in to help repel invaders.  What a mistake that was!

No, the common people go about their business, unaware of the pending storm of war.  Unaware that in St. Stanislaus Cathedral in Vilnius the faithful among the nobles and military gather to pray for wisdom and strength.  A winter campaign beckons and the grand old man of the army, General Gruboaboyshichow signs documents mobilizing the army, enlisting the fishing fleet at Klaipeda for transport.  But where to best deploy them?  Perhaps here.....

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  1. 'Interesting times' ahead...

    Btw in Monte-Cristo we also burn ritually a 'wicker man', the "Fools' Pope", but on january 6 (the Jour des Rois) at midnight :)