Monday, July 4, 2011

Painting joys

In my wasted youth I can remember painting a 54 figure battalion of 15mm Austrians in one evening by the expediency of a spray can of white paint.  Then I became wise and sophisticated in my painting techniques and forgot about it.  Now it has come around again.

Of late I've been painting a large number of 15mm WWII figures and vehicles.  I had noticed at my local game shop a large spray can of paint advertised as the exact color for this or that.  A great idea I thought, but being of a "frugal" nature I balked at the 15USD price-tag.  So I went to my local craft store, Hobby Lobby and found RUST-OLEUM American Accents.  I first tried a can of khaki color which they called "Soft Wheat."  I found that it covered naked lead/pewter very well and most importantly, with a dark brown ink wash could be darker and with detail that jumped out at you.  For 5USD and the same sized can, it was much more to my liking.  Today I got a can of "Oregano" paint and tried it on vehicles.  It makes a wonderful olive drab and with some high lighting after the ink wash will look dandy.

While there is nothing wrong with buying products specifically intended for the hobby, and supporting your local game shop is ALWAYS a good idea, it is still worth looking for materials in less obvious places.  Having gotten to the point where I am highly satisfied with my inks, this will speed up the process immensely.  Now I wonder if they make a French Napoleonic blue?

PS. I can't post pictures at this time as my camera has self-destructed, but I will try to in another post, another time.

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