Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend at Chimera Games

After a long drought I was able to get back into some gaming with a scheduled weekend of historic gaming at Chimera Games in Appleton, WI.  While it didn't pan out quite as expected I think the owners and organizers should be applauded for the effort.  Many new contacts we made and players were introduced to new (to them) systems.

Friday night the magnificent game of Axis and Allies was set up.  The effort and expense that went into preparing it was remarkable.  I didn't catch the name of the person or persons responsible, but my compliments.

Some Flames of War games were played and a tournament of sorts was planned for Sunday.  I painted on my 28mm SYW Cossacks and observed.  This is also the night for Magic, so the din of noise was distracting.

Saturday Wings of War was scheduled in the morning.  Although the set-up was attractive and play-aids available, no one joined in.  The weather was wonderful and I imagine many were enjoying the holiday weekend outside. 

Starting around 1:00pm I put on a Johnny Reb III game, loosely based on the March, 1862 Battle of Pea Ridge.  Regretably I forgot my camera so no pictures.  We had one experienced player on each side and two rookies (including the Reb c-in-c).  Players learned a lot about tactics as each side pushed on their left as the Yankees attempted to throw up hasty works.  For ease of introducing players, all the troops were rated Green and it had a major impact on play.  By the end the Rebs had swept most of the ridge and each force was at or near a breaking point.  I ruled it a tactical victory for the Confederacy.  For the historic report, go here:

It had been widely circulated among the players (gossip travels fast) that the store was staying open later than the usual 6:00pm close (on a Saturday night!) for gaming, but that proved false so the anticipated Flames of War games were postponed to the next day.

Sunday players drifted in later than expected so the first round of the 800 point tournament had Italians defending Rome against Falschirmjagers and German tankers and infantry going against an all infantry Russian force.  To my surprise my Italians won (I've only played twice before), and the Germans with armor chewed up and spat out the infantry only Russians.
The left hand village and the Falschirmjagers initial objective

They can land anywhere so I lager the tanks and defend the second village
Sunday also featured an Axis and Allies War at Sea game.  I was very busy but the Japanese-American game seemed hotly contested and great fun to the participants.  I thought I have a picture, but alas no.  Another FoW round was played with four players, but I and another dropped out and were replaced.  There are too many things about the game I don't know yet.  I'll have to cruise eBay till I get a cheap copy of the core rules.
Starting position for the other 1st round game
 We all discovered additional historic gamers in the Appleton area.  Hopefully it will reap benefits later on.  Next weekend I get to play in a colonial game.  With school out for the summer I'm looking to get back into the regular gaming routine.

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