Monday, April 4, 2011

Springtime Blues...

or Reds, or Whites, or maybe more of lovely Greens.  I'm at a painting impasse.  I've recently completed two projects, one of 28mm Foundry SYW Russians for double duty in my Imagi-Nation and also Spanish regulars, artillery and militia for any number of games.

Right now I have a mish-mash on the paint sticks.  15mm Bersagliari with mortars, 15mm Russian SYW Cuirassiers, 25mm European sailors and captains, some 25mm Canadian Milicien and some "true" 25mm French SYW artillerymen.  All are part of on-going projects but I'm undecided how to proceed.  Big projects have the advantage of feeling like you've really accomplished something when it's done.  On the other hand you can get burned out on them like I almost did about the 500th Russian.  Doing a shotgun effect of a little of this and a little of that has the advantage of variety and continued interest, but lacks the sense of feeling like you are getting somewhere.

In my foolishness I have duplicate scales of the same figures so I can easily do different game systems.  So waiting to be painted, in no order of importance are:
Another 50+ 28mm Russians (mostly Cossacks)
125 15mm SYW Russians
150 15mm French Revolution French
Several hundred assorted 15mm SYW French and Prussians
Assorted 25/28mm SYW Prussians
A couple hundred 25mm Redcoats and Loyalists
A hundred 25mm Continentals
250+ 15mm Yankees
100 15mm Rebs
1/600 Ironclads, 1/1200 ships of the line, 1/2400 warships from pre-dread to WWII

And that's not even counting "a dozen of this, two dozen of that" into the equation.  So dear readers, since you've managed to get this far: what should I do?  What do you do when you have project you'd like to see get done, but get distracted easily by shiny? 


  1. Personally I only like one thing on the painting table at a time. My general approach is to have a single big nominated project to work on, then schedule it on a pro-rata basis, 2 units for the Big Project, 1 unit of Something Else, 2 units for the Big Project, etc. That seems to combine, for me, a good compromise between progress and achievement, and not getting bored silly with painting (say) French Napoleonic Line battalions.

  2. Psint up the Americans Wanting Independence so we can fill the table with lads and have a go at it!

  3. I'm leaning towards continuing work on the F&I era project. Especially with Canadian Milice on hand now. Plus, Lord Howe's men await.