Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Litharus - Winter War Preparation

Battle looms on the horizon.  The dark flocks of war birds fill the sky in expectation of a foul feast.  Meanwhile, the public support swells in anticipation.  We take you to the inner court chambers:

Meanwhile, as the common soldier musters in the new Eleckrénai regiment he wonders aloud:

"I tell ya, it ain't right.  Us going off to some distant land to fight.  And it's winter on top of that!"

Their nerves on edge, some act out inappropriately.  Have they no manners or breeding?

The new Pandour battalion, not yet fully mustered receive a "stiffening" of irregulars and spiritual leaders.
They ask, "hey, who are those guys and why is he holding a loaded pistol?"

Finally all is in readiness and the Eleckrénai regiment receives its colors from the Grand Duke himself.

The colors receive a blessing from the regional clergy, as befitting the solemn occasion.

Artillery chief Colonel Krontsteen and chief diplomat Count Lippe look on approvingly.

And with a final surge of enthusiasm, the leadership prepares to go forth for battle and honor!


  1. Great, great minis, a pleasure to see them; the vignettes are also very well done, full of 'character' and enjoyable.

    As for the 'embedded' excerpts: I'm quite sure I see the Marx Brothers (Karl excepted, as always...): from 'Duck Soup'?


  2. You are correct, one of my favorite movies of all time. Banned by Mussolini because he felt it was a direct attack. The power of media! Kind of a choppy clip but fun. Hail, hail Freedonia!