Sunday, December 5, 2010

18th Century - New regiment joins the army

The Grand Duke's Own grenadier regiment has joined the field army at last.  With the Grand Duke as their patron they carry a third flag for the Orzepovski family.

This brings the strength of the Litharus Army to three battalions in the Observation Corps (one grenadier) and three in the line (one grenadier).  Also mustering is a Pandour battalion with one company already equipped and another line musketeer battalion just starting.  Add to that six six pound batteries, two eighteen pound siege guns, a Cuirassier and Dragoon regiment with a horde of Cossacks out there somewhere and you have a formidable force.

Figures are Foundry Russians in waistcoats (mostly) with a mix of bad weather covers and uncovered mitre caps.  I confess I do a lot of my shopping on eBay and so have to hodge-podge units together.  I have not yet mixed brands, but that day is not far off.

Flags are my "Imagi-nation" flags though I have Russian flags for most of the units that can be swapped in.  Even some extra standard bearers for more flexibility.