Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18th Century - Battle of Korbach - Prelude

The daring duo of Todd and myself, plus my good friend Brent who came in from the Twin Cities, traveling to chez Protz for a pair of BAR (Batailles des Ancien Regimes) games on October 30th.  I was asked to bring my cavalry for a pre-game game.  Little did I know how much cavalry I was going to see that day.  Regrettably I forgot my camera, so the spectacle is lost to us.

In the first action, from one of Grant's Tabletop Teasers, my force of three light cavalry units, one dragoon and one cuirassier regiment were charged with riding hard to secure a distant bridge.  The scenario called for two of our lights to be dispersed scouting with the main column halted.  Meanwhile, on the bad guy side, they were surprised by our appearance and had to roll many dice to determine their state of readiness.  It could have been pretty horrible for them.  But, Brent was up to the task and rolled phenomenally to basically negate the surprise factor.

Cavalry is a fussy weapon.  Powerful when used right, but often a one-shot wonder.  As our lines crashed together I saw a variety of tactical choices made by players, some of which worked, and others that didn't.  In the end it came down to the saving throws as the bad guy cuirassiers suffered unexpected losses at the hands of my dragoons.  Their force was pretty much in flight within the prescribed time limit.  We then shifted to the main event, a set-piece battle between Gallia and Britannia.  Described, hopefully with pictures, in the next posting.

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